Is there an actual formula for calculating a fair settlement for a South Florida car accident?


Unfortunately there is no actual formula for calculating a fair car accident settlement for a South Florida accident. This is because every accident claim is unique and must take into account the factors specific to the victim and the accident in question.


When calculating the potential value of your car accident claim, your South Florida personal injury attorney will work with you and take all of the specifics of your car accident into account. This will include your economic damages, which are damages with real dollar values that can be proven with receipts, bills, pay stubs, etc. as well as non-economic damages that don't have an exact price tag, such as pain and suffering.


The factors that your South Florida personal injury attorney will pay special attention to when determining a fair car accident settlement for your case include:


  • costs to repair/replace your car;

  • costs of any other personal property that was damaged in the accident;

  • medical bills;

  • any future medical treatments required for your car accident injuries;

  • wages you lost while recovering from your injuries;

  • any future lost wages that may apply if your injuries will not allow you to return to work;

  • bodily injury

  • pain and suffering (both present and future);

  • mental anguish (both present and future);

  • any disabilities or disfigurement that resulted from the car accident;

  • loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life;

  • inconvenience; and

  • other specific considerations that may apply to your case (such as the need to hire outside help for daily tasks you can no longer perform).


When you and your South Florida personal injury attorney go over the specifics of your car accident, you'll get a better idea of what types of damages to request. If a car accident settlement has already been offered from the insurance company, your South Florida personal injury attorney can let you know if that amount will adequately compensate you for your losses.


The Benefits of Having a South Florida Personal Injury Attorney


After a South Florida car accident you may be unsure of your legal rights and options. However, if you have a South Florida personal injury attorney working on your side, they can help you determine liability and explain what legal options you have for recovering compensation.


In addition to pain and suffering, you may be eligible to recover damages for medical expenses and lost wages. If you've been seriously injured in a car accident in South Florida, contact Marten | Chiappetta to speak with a South Florida personal injury attorney who can represent your best interests and ensure that you are being treated fairly  561-424-7300.


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